In 1995, Yue Xiu 【广州市越秀人力资源顾问服务有限公司】 became the first officially registered human resource consultants in Southern China.

2004 Yue Xiu received the prestigious 'Top 10 Influential Brand Name of Chinese Human Resource Industry' and again in 2005 it received the ' Guangdong Branded Training Institute Media Award' and the 'Management Eminent Industry Contribution Award'.

In 2007, Yue Xiu was acquired by C. Russell International, bringing with it greater international responsiveness, broader global perspective, and greater ability to better serve its clients companies in China and the Asia Pacific region. With this acquisition, the management team gained greater practical local and regional knowledge and connections, adding to its diverse multinational business experience and acumen that it can now bring forward to organizations operating in China.

C. Russell International , 广州市越秀人力资源顾问服务有限公司, has grown to become a leader in the search market for middle and senior management talent in Greater China. We recognize the critical nature of these roles and concentrate our search work specifically at these levels. Our highly refined search process allows us to uncover and attract talent who will be a cultural fit for our clients. These candidates will not only influence the success of our clients as they enter, but also as they advance into increasingly responsible roles.

Throughout our history, we have ensured our process is built around up-front preparation, broad-ranging research efforts, and highly accurate selection methods. This approach establishes that we can reach deep into targeted markets to identify, attract, and select not just qualified and available talent, but the most qualified talent - period.

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