C. Russell International is an executive search firm based in China with offices in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Portland Oregon in the US. We seek to add value to our client companies in areas where people have an impact on the strategic direction and profitability of those companies. We conduct our business in a responsible and ethical manner in order to achieve a superior financial return, balanced with long-term growth, to the benefit of our clients, employees, and the principles of C. Russell International.

Our insight into the Greater China markets, international experience, and indepth industry experience has given us broad recognition. This recognition has allowed us to serve as trusted advisers to high-potential candidates in the market. People want to be known to us.

Our size means "blocking" is a non-issue. As a result, we are in an excellent position to recruit from many frequently bench marked "high performance organizations".

The ability to consult on leadership competencies allows C. Russell and the client to make informed and accurate judgments on candidate quality and cultural fit.

The competition to recruit high-potential talent is ever-increasing. Employment trends, compensation issues, economic realities, and employee retention strategies continue to make it challenging to pull high potentials from targeted organizations. It is equally challenging to find a highly respected contingency search firm with local and expatriate management that can provide the international standards demanded by multinationals, the cost effectiveness required by regional SME’s, and the internal support for the research-intensive equirements for recruiting top talent in today’s Greater China market.

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